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The Ride of Her Life (Part 1)
As she waited for him to arrive she started thinking about that night at his apartment. Though she was no novice to sex, she had never really tried anything that kinky before. Being blindfolded had added to the excitement of his touch. She didn’t know where or when his next touch would be. And when she felt the clicking of the handcuffs as they locked around her wrists she knew that she would be his for the taking. And those hands, running all over her body. As a shiver made its way up her spine, she realized that as she looked out the window with her arms crossed she had been brushing her thumb across her sensitive nipple. Wow, that was a memory she’d have to save for later.
Finally a van pulls up into to her driveway. She doesn’t recognize the van, but she knows his smile through the windshield. As he gets out of the van she goes to the door to meet him. He smiles as she opens the door, his fingers lightly brushing her ass and coming to rest on her hip. As a light shiver causes her to tremble, he kisses her softly and then steps into the house. She knows he got the response he was looking for. After the other night she knew that he knew how to make her body respond.
Once inside he turned toward her and asked, “Got any plans?”
“Well, no. I just thought we could do what ever you wanted to.” She blushed slightly, thinking about what she wanted him to do to her. They had had great sex before, but the other night was something else. She had never played with bondage before that night. And now she wasn’t sure sex would ever be the same. She hoped he had that in mind tonight.
“I was thinking about going for a little ride.” He said.
“Oh, ok. That’ll be fun.” She was a little disappointed at first. She was really hoping to resume their little game. He had hinted that the other night was only the beginning if she had really enjoyed herself. The thought that there was more excited her and now she was eager to see what else he could show her. “Where are we going,” she asked.
“Well it’s a surprise. I’m going to have to blindfold you.” He stated.
A slight shiver worked its way up her back. Suddenly this trip sounded like something she might like. “Oh,” she asked, “what kind of surprise.”
“One that will require your submission.” He said with a smile. “Your total submission.”
Another shiver raced through her. She remembered the feelings she had the other night, quite vividly. And the look he was giving her told her he was serious.
“That is, if you’re feeling up to it.” His smile turned into a knowing grin.
“Well…” she stammered, “I love a good surprise.” She could feel herself starting blush again.
“Oh really?” he asked. “Would you care to start now?”
Her heartbeat quickened a pace. “Well, yes I suppose.”
“Well good,” he said as he pulled something out of his pocket and tossed it to her.
She caught the thing he tossed to her, then she looked to see what it was. It was the blindfold he used on her the other night. She felt herself blush again as she remembered that night. He had opened up a whole New World to her.
“Put it on please,” he asked.
She did as he asked, and when it was on she looked in his direction. She heard him get up and walk to the side of the room. She then heard her computer come on and wondered what he was up to. A couple of minutes later she heard one of the drawers in her computer desk open and close. “What are you looking for,” she asked.
“Nothing now, I found it.” He said. “Now, please take off your robe.”
‘Well,’ she thought, ‘this isn’t what she was expecting.’ She blushed slightly as she remembered she had little else on. She had been hoping that she wouldn’t need much clothing when he arrived, but she never thought that she would be undressing herself. He was such a hands-on type of guy.
“In fact, don’t take off you robe,” he said.
She heard him as he moved partway across the room. “Why don’t you turn around for me first,” he said as he plopped down on her couch.
Unsure of what he had in mind, she did as he asked. She turned a complete circle and stood facing his direction again.
“Now, do again slowly please.”
Still unsure, she decided to play his little game. She moved one foot behind her then did about a quarter turn. She kept her head facing his direction. Then she pivoted on her other foot to face almost completely away from him, looking over her shoulder. As she slowly continued her turn she quickly brought her head from one shoulder to the next to look his direction again. She then completed the turn ending with a sexy pose.
“Excellent.” He said. “Now, loosen your robe and let it fall off your shoulders. Show as much breast as you can, but don’t show any nipple.”
“And why am I doing this,” she asked, with as much authority as she could muster.
“Because it turns me on,” he stated.
A shiver went up her back as she opened the robe slightly and let drop down some. She brought her hand up to see that it fell to where he wanted it. As she made adjustments she felt the robe start to brush over one of her nipples. She quickly pulled it up slightly and then stood there for further instructions. She started to feel sexy, standing there with him watching her. This game could be fun.
“Now, unfasten the tie and let it fall to the floor. Then slowly slide your hand downward, over your thigh, and stop just above your knee.”
She did as he asked, letting the tie fall at her feet. As slid her hand down her thigh she started to bend over and her robe began to fall open even more. She quickly brought her other arm up to keep it from showing more then he desired, though she was sure that he got a peek. She was enjoying teasing him, even if it was at his request. As her hand reached it destination she stopped and looked toward him.
“Now, slide your hand inside your bathrobe and touch your inner thigh with your finger tips.” He instructed.
She again did as he asked, feeling a little daring.
“Good. Now slowly slide your fingers upward.”
She slowly did as he instructed, though she wasn’t sure what he might have her do next. As her fingertips continued she wondered what she would do when they couldn’t go any further. As her fingers reached the upper part of her thigh she hesitated. She wasn’t afraid of touching herself, but she had never done it in front of someone before.
“Please continue,” he said.
Slowly she slid her hand upward until her fingers stopped at her panties. She felt herself blush as she stood there touching herself. Her breathing began to deepen as she imagined what she must look like and wondered what she should do next.
“Now, slide your panties down”, he told her, “far enough to show me your pussy.”
Again, she did as she was instructed. She placed her fingers in the elastic and slowly pushed her panties down.
“Very good. Now slowly trace your finger over your pussy until the tips of your fingers reaches the top of your pubic hair,” he said.
Again she felt herself blush deeply as she complied with his instructions. She had never felt this naughty before. Standing there touching herself in front of him.

“Now, slowly trace them back through your pubic hair until you reach your thighs, and then back to the top again please.”
Her heart skipped a beat as she began to trace her fingers back over her pussy. She didn’t really think about it, her hand just started moving. By the time her fingertips made their way back to the top of her pussy mound a shiver made its way throughout her body. She was beginning to get into this. The feeling of being naughty was beginning to turn her on.
“Excellent.” He said. “Now, please open the front of your bathrobe.”
She took a moment to steady her breathing. She hadn’t realized that her breathing had gotten heavier. As she pulled her robe open the material brushed over her nipples causing them to harden. Another shiver caused her to pause. She now stood there completely exposed to his view. She felt herself take a deep breath as the thought set in. She stood there waiting, not sure of what he’d have her do next.
“Are you enjoying this,” he asked?
“A little,” she said.
“Would you like to continue or should we stop,” he asked?
She didn’t know what would happen next, but she did know she was excited. She also knew that he had never disappointed her. She could only imagine what he would do to her body this time. She had to find out. “No,” she said, “I want to keep going.”
“Good, please touch yourself,” he said.
“What?” She asked. Despite the fact she had just touched herself under her robe, she suddenly felt unsure of this.
“Touch yourself,” he said again.
“How,” she asked, somewhat embarrassed. Her mind had gone blank. She had never imagined herself ever masturbating in front of someone before.
“I would like to watch you play with yourself,” he stated in his calm, controlled manner.
She hesitated. “What do you want me to do?”
“Touch your breast. Reach up and gently caress it.”
“Like this,” she asked as she brought her hand up to lightly cup one of her breasts.
“Yes, very good.” He said. “Now caress it softly, from side to side.”
She did as he said and began to caress her own breast. She felt strange doing this, but she didn’t want to displease him. She knew it would be worth it in the end.
“Good, now slowly let your other hand drift down toward your pussy.” He said.
She blushed yet again as she followed his instructions. Slowly her hand slid down her body toward her pussy. Her breathing got even heavier as she continued to caress her breast. When her hand reached her pubic hair she stopped. She wasn’t sure she could do this.
“It pleases me to watch you touch yourself,” he said when he saw her hesitate. “It makes me want to touch you all the more.”
Another shiver raced up her back as her fingers combed through her pubic hair. She felt embarrassed and naughty at the same time. She continued to stroke her pubic hair as she tried to imagine herself as he saw her from the couch. Another small shiver worked its way through her as she thought about this little scene. Though she had never masturbated standing up before, she was starting to get that sexy feeling. She had never imagined playing with herself in front of someone. She blushed again slightly at the thought of what she was doing, but she couldn’t shake the sexy feelings it was causing inside of her. She felt her breath quicken slightly as her fingers brushed over her nipple. Yet another shiver caused her to tremble slightly. This was a new feeling. She never realized how sexy it could feel to tease herself in front of someone like this.
“Pinch your nipple,” he said. “Show me how you want me to pinch it.”
Her breath quickened again. ‘How could he know I pinched my nipples with I masturbated?’ she thought to herself. A rush went through her as she began to pinch her nipple. ‘He must remember how much I like it when he pinches them.’ The thought that he might have seen her doing this before crossed her mind as another shiver raced through her. He couldn’t have seen her before. He just knew how to please her well enough to know she would enjoy this. As her hand continued to stroke her pussy hair, her middle finger began to lightly trace the opening to her pussy. As she ran her hand back and forth over her pussy her finger began to part her lower lips. Her body began to shake as a tremor worked its way up her body. As her finger started to work its way inside of her, she quickly remembered him watching. She froze as she stood there catching her breath. Slowly she pulled her hand away from her pussy.
“No, don’t stop,” he said, “you’re doing fine.”
She hesitated as she told him, “I’ve never done this…before, with someone watching.”
“That’s ok, you’re doing fine,” he said, “you look beautiful touching yourself. Just as I imagined you would.”
She blushed as she tried to picture him sitting and imagining her doing this. “But I want you to touch me.”
“Oh I will. I have every intention of touching you. But I want to make sure you’re ready for me first.” He said.
“I’m ready for you now. I want to feel you touch me while I can’t see you,” she answered.
“But I want you to be wet enough for me to enter you without using my hands. I want to feel myself just slide right into you. And I want you to get yourself that wet, for me.”
She had to take a deep breath. The thought of him entering her without using his hand was something new and exciting. As her hand reached down for her pussy again her breathing was starting to get heavier. She could feel herself getting wetter at the thought of his dick sliding into her in one smooth stroke. As her finger touched her pussy lips she hesitated only a second, before pushing it in all the way. She wanted him and now knew what he wanted from her. As a shiver ran up her back she plunged her finger inside of her, knowing he was watching. Her other hand began pinching and twisting her nipple as her finger began to stroke in and out of her pussy. As the feelings inside her began to build she slipped another finger inside her. She wanted to have him inside her and was getting wet enough to do that now. As her fingers stroked in and out she continued to squeeze and pinch her nipple even harder. She didn’t care that she was masturbating in front of him anymore. She just wanted him to take her and she would do whatever he asked right now. As another tremor shook her body she realized she was going to make herself cum if she kept this up much longer.
She hesitated a moment before saying, “I’m ready.” She went red after saying it. She wasn’t used to talking about sexual things with a partner. She heard him get off the couch and walk toward her. Another shiver ran up her spine in anticipation. She let her hands go to her side as he approached.
“I really enjoyed watching you do that,” he told her.
“And I enjoyed doing that for you,” she blushed, “but you promised to…touch me, when I was ready.” She felt him step up to her and put his hands on her wrists. As he began to kiss her softly his hands held hers in place at her side. As his kisses became more ardent his hands grabbed her wrists and began to move them behind her back. He had introduced her to this sort of play and she loved it. When both of her wrists came together behind her he grabbed both of wrists with one of his hands. As his other hand left her back she prepared for it to touch her pussy. She tested his strong grip, but made no real effort to break free. As she started to wonder where his other hand went she felt it come around her back again. As she continued to enjoy his kiss she felt something cold touch her one of her wrists.
Suddenly she realized he was handcuffing her. Another shiver went through her as she felt the cuffs being secured to both wrists. Just as quick as he had handcuffed her, he placed one of his hands on her pussy. One finger slipped into her and her breath caught in her throat. Then two fingers were inside her slowly stroking her. Just as she began to breathe faster, both of his fingers left her.
“You ARE wet!” he said as he broke their kiss.
“Yes,” was all she could get out as she tried to control her breathing.
“Mmmmmm,” he said. “And you taste good too.”
Before she could figure out what he meant he began kissing her again. As he kissed her his fingers quickly slipped back into her pussy. It took her a moment to realize why his mouth suddenly tasted different. She was starting to lose her concentration again as his fingers began to stroke her pussy. Her breathing got even faster as he tried to put his fingers farther up into her. Again and again he reached into her as far as his fingers would go. A tremor began to work its way through her body. As good as this was getting she wanted more.
“Please take me,” she said as she pulled her mouth away from his. “I need you inside of me, right now!”
“As you wish,” he said.
He removed his fingers from her and started to undo his pants. Suddenly he grabbed her shoulders and turned her to the side. Off balance, she had to spread her feet to keep from falling, but her panties only let her spread them so far. Then he stepped behind her. She loved it when he was forceful. She listened as he slid his pants down, then he grabbed her by her hips and pulled her back to him. Another tremor started up her body when she felt his dick press up against her ass cheeks. With one hand still holding her hip his other one began to push on her back, causing her to bend forward. As she reached the point where she thought she would fall forward, he grabbed her hips with both hands to steady her. As she stood there, leaning forward, he held her in place with one hand and the other started to slide over her hip and across her ass. He brought his hand down and began to finger her now exposed pussy from behind. Again her breathing began to quicken. As his fingers started pushing into her she tried to lean back even more. She still felt like she was about to fall, but as another shiver raced across her back she began to concentrate on her need. The blindfold, the handcuffs, and his fingers began to overshadow her awkward position and fear of falling. She almost cried out when he removed his fingers from her. She needed him more then ever now.
Suddenly she felt the head of his dick gently rubbing against the entrance of her pussy. He had both hands on her hips now and slowly pushing his dick along her pussy lips. She could feel how wet she was as his dick slid smoothly back and forth between lips. Her breathing began to match his movements as he slid forward just enough to touch her clit, and then slid back again. She held her breath each time he pressed forward, knowing that soon he would enter her. And she knew that when he did he was going to do it in one, smooth stroke. Her pulse quickened with each forward movement, sure that this would be the one. https://www.click4r.com/posts/g/3103305/how-i-became-a-cock-addict And each time he slowly pulled back again. She didn’t know how long he planned to continue this game. But she did know she couldn’t stay in this position forever. She kept trying to press backward, but she had no leverage.
Just as she was about to say something he stopped. He had finished moving forward and had just started to pull back when he stopped. She could feel the tip of his cock lightly pressing against her pussy lips. She waited as he held her there. Then ever so slowly the head of his dick parted her lower lips and touched the inside of her pussy. She held her breath and waited. He didn’t move. Her breath gasped out of her and drew it back in to hold it again, and still she waited. She could feel it lightly rubbing her inner pussy as breathing caused her body to rock slightly, and still she waited.
And then he was inside of her. In one smooth, strong, stroke he shoved himself inside of her as far as he could and then stopped. The shiver that had begun as he first penetrated her turned into a tremor that shook her body with the promise of relief. And as he held her in place the tremor continued to shake her body, as she stood there impaled on his dick. She was so close now that she tried to move her hips to cause the friction she needed. But he held her still with his dick buried inside her. And as the tremor began to fade it threatened to take with it the promise of the relief it had almost brought. Just as she thought she would begin to cry with frustration he moved.
He pulled out of her until only the tip of his cock was between her pussy lips, and then he slowly pushed back into her. She suddenly sucked in her breath and held it. As his movements continued she remembered to breathe again. With slow and steady movements he kept his pace. At first her breathing matched his rhythm, stroke for stroke. But as he continued his slow, steady pace her breath began to quicken. She could feel an orgasm building and she wanted him to quicken his pace to match her need. But his pace continued, slow and steady. Slowly she felt her release coming to the surface. Building, stroke after stroke, as his rhythm neither quickened nor slowed. Building, as her breath began to come in hard, deep gasps. Her sense of balance began to falter. She wasn’t sure if she could remain standing if he let her go. Building, deep inside of her. As his pace continued she felt it coming, working its way to the surface. She was getting close, so very close. Her breathing began to take control of her. She couldn’t control it anymore. Stroke after stroke, his strong hands held her as he continued his pace.
“Faster,” she asked, “go faster!” Her head began to swim with the feelings rushing through her. Stroke after stroke she could feel it building. Closer, it was getting closer with every stroke. The wait was becoming unbearable, but she could feel it coming. She didn’t know if she could stand it any longer. She could feel her orgasm coming, but it wasn’t coming fast enough.
“Please go faster,” she pleaded! “Aaaaawwww.” She could feel it now. It was close, very close. His pace hadn’t changed, but it was coming now! She could feel it working its way through her legs. “Oooooohhhhh,” she moaned as it moved up her body. Closer and closer it came. “Ohhh, ohhhh, ohhhhhh!” It was taking over her body. “Ooooohhhhh, oooooooohhhhhh!” It moved up her as her body began to tremble, and then shake.
“Ooooohhh mmmmyyyyyy ggggooo…” She couldn’t stand it any longer, it was here. The sweet release she needed was washing over her completely.
“OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!” She felt his hand press down on her back as she started to straighten her body.
“AAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW!” Over and over the feelings raced through her.
“OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH, OOOOHHHHH, OOOOOHHHHHH!” Her whole world was shaking with her orgasm. He had her hair now. Holding her with his arm on her back.
“OOOOOHHHH, OOOOOOOHHHH, OOOOOOOHHHH, OOOOOOOHHHHH!” Again and again as he held her and continued to fuck her stroke after stroke after stroke. She couldn’t stop cumming. Over and over her orgasm kept going. As he kept his pace, stroke after stroke.
“Pleeea, pleea…please…sto…stop…please sto…please stop,” she gasped as she felt her legs getting weaker.
Suddenly his pace began to slow, and within a few more strokes he stopped altogether. As they stood there, his hands still holding her in place, she began to tremble again. Just as it began to subside it started again. Her whole body shook. And even though he hadn’t moved, his hard dick was still inside her. And every time she began to tremble it caused his dick to rub inside of her. And again she would begin to tremble. This went on for several minutes before she slowly stood up. As she did so his dick slipped out of her with a popping sound. Again a shiver ran though her body, but this one was more manageable.
As she stood there he reached around her and pulled her to him. They stood there a moment, until her body stopped quivering, with her hands still behind her. When she finally got her balance, he bent over and slid her panties up around her waist again. It was then that she felt his dick and realized he was still hard.
“Oh,” she said, after she had caught her breath. “That wasn’t very fair. Is there something I can do for you?” She was stroking his dick as best she could with her hands behind her.
“Ha ha ha,” he chuckled. “Well, yes there is actually.” He spun her around and when she stood facing him he grabbed a hold of her shoulders. Gently he pushed her downward and helped her reach a kneeling position without falling. She waited as she knew what was coming next. She felt his fingers comb through her hair as he placed his hands on the sides of her head. She could smell her sex on him even before his dick touched her lips. As she opened her mouth to take him in he held her head still. Try as she might, he wouldn’t let her lean forward to take him into her mouth.
As the tip of his dick brushed against her lips again, she reached out with her tongue and licked it. When he didn’t pull away she did it again. She continued this until she felt him push forward slightly. She opened her mouth and took as much of him as she could. He only let the tip slip past her lips, but that was enough to start with. Her tongue was all over the head of his dick, as her lips sucked greedily. Slowly he let a couple more inches slip past her lips. She licked and sucked on him hoping to give him some of the pleasure he had given her. And as she thought about all the things he would probably do to her she doubled her efforts. Like a starving animal she tried to devour him. She thought she heard him starting to breathe deeper as she did her best to please him. Slowly he pushed another few inches into her eager mouth. At first she started to gag, as his dick brushed the back of her mouth. But he was careful, and let her get use to him again. As she relaxed her throat she knew there was a little bit more waiting for her to take. He allowed her to move her head slightly and she began to stroke him with her mouth. As she got into the swing of things, he pushed the last of his dick into her. She paused as she adjusted the tilt of her head.
When she was ready she pulled her head back a bit. He allowed her this movement, and then she pushed forward again. As she began to get her pace he allowed her more movement. Now she was going to please him. Just as he had done with her, she stroked his dick with slow, deliberate movements. She did this until she heard his breath begin to deepen. When she sensed his excitement building, she sucked even harder as she swirled her tongue around him. As his breathing started to come even faster she knew he was almost there.
Suddenly, he grabbed her head and held it still. She still had most of him in her mouth, so she continued to suck and tongue him as best she could. His breath was coming in deep gasps as he held her head. Then he began to move his hips. He pulled out of her mouth just a little, and then pushed back in. His breathing was deep and even. Again he pulled his dick almost out of her mouth before sliding back in. As he continued this, she kept right on sucking. She knew he was close and wanted to bring him over the edge. She didn’t know how he had held out this long, after the fucking he had given her. But she new he was close.
As she heard his breath begin to come out of his mouth in gasps she tasted his cum. It splashed against the back of her throat and almost made her gag. He kept a strong hold on her head as he slowed his pace, but the cum continued. Several more spurts shot into her mouth and she just kept swallowing and licking. Finally, when he stopped cumming and his dick began to soften, he pulled out of her mouth. As she knelt there he bent down and kissed her softly.
“Thank you,” he said. “Are you ready”?
“Um, again?” she asked.
“Hahaha. No, not yet.” He said. “I mean ready to go.”
“But I'm not ready, I haven’t gotten dressed yet.” She said
He helped her stand up again and then brought the bathrobe back up around her shoulders. “Now you are.” He answered, as he began to lead her to the door.