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Model turns slut
I spent most of my morning reviewing applications for my latest modeling job. I was surprised at the response of my newspaper ad. Finding one attractive girl to model swimsuits would be an easy task, out of the 100 applications I received. The magazine publisher was in a hurry and needed someone by next week. With the pictures submitted, choosing the best ones for interviews was going to be difficult. I reviewed the pictures and all the information the girls wrote. There was one girl who wrote some comments that I couldn't believe. This 21 year old blonde named Barbara was 5' 6" tall, 115 lbs, 38 inch breasts with a slender well developed build that accented her bust. She was very attractive. On her application she wrote, " I desparately want this modeling job and will do anything to get it. And I do mean anything. Please let me show you how I look in person. I will be yours to do with as you please."

How could I resist calling this girl. In all my years of photography, I never had an offer like this. I have contacts for pornographic material, but never thought I would have a willing model. I wonder if that's what she had in mind? Well, I called her to come in the next day for a photo session.
Barbara arrived right on time. She was an extemely attractive young girl. Her picture didn't do her justice. We chatted for awhile, finding out this was her first time modeling, but was looking forward to it. She insisted, " I meant what I wrote on my application."
I replied, "OK, let's take some pictures and see what you look like on film." I gave her a tiny pink string bikini and directed her to my studio to get ready.
A few minutes later I entered the studio. There was Barbara, standing next to the stool in front of the beach backdrop. She was gorgeous. Her long blonde hair fell across her shoulders just touching her breasts. My eyes scanned up her perfectly tanned legs to her incredibly tight ass. My heart was pounding as I thought about this beautiful girl's offer to get this job.
I told Barbara to have a seat on the stool as I started snapping some pictures. I spent about 15 minutes taking various poses when I asked Barbara, " What did you have in mind with your comments earlier." "Are you interested in more erotic modeling?"
Sure, why not," she replied. "Okay, then",I said, "pull those bikini bottoms aside. Let me see your pussy." Without hesitating Barbara took one finger and pulled the flimsy bikini bottoms aside exposing her cunt for me to see. I snapped a couple more shots. " How about your top." Barbara had it off in seconds. What a body on this young girl. I asked Barbara if I could start my video camera to save some time shooting pictures. " Go right ahead," she replied. " I said anything goes."
I started the video and went to Barbara asking her to remove her bikini bottom completely. Now, with Barbara completely naked, I spread her legs wide exposing her young cunt for the camera. https://kane-gammelgaard.technetbloggers.de/the-room-mate-1639024553
" Play with yourself," I ordered." I will if that's what you want, but I'd much rather you play with me." Well, that was her final invitation for me. Barbara obviously was looking for some action.
I gently stroked one finger across her slit. As I did, she leaned forward to kiss me burying her tongue in my mouth. I kept fingering her cunt until it was nice and moist, but I didn't insert it into her. Barbara was becoming aroused from the kissing and fingering. We moved over to the couch where I removed my clothes as Barbara stroked herself. When I finished undressing I went back to Barbara's now wet slit and continued my massage of her clit.. Barbara was beginning to moan as she was really getting turned on.
I spread her legs wide, grabbed my now hard cock and lightly stroked it up her slit and back down. Then again I massaged her clit up and down with my cockhead. I continued sliding my cock around her juicy slit. Barbara was enjoying this. "oooooooh!!!" "ooooooooh!!!!" "That feels good," she moaned. I stood up to wipe my cock across her lips leaving them glistening with her cunt juice. Then I returned to her wet slit to continue with her clit massage. As I slid my cock up and down her slit, Barbara tried to push forward to get my cock inside her. " Put it in me," she said in kind of a begging voice. " Put your cock in me." "Not yet," I replied with a grin.
I went back up to her mouth, smearing my cock across her face and lips again. Each time I neared Barbara's lips her mouth opened trying to suck me, but to no avail. I was going to make this horny little slut beg. Again I went down to her cunt sliding my hard cock down her slit and back up. I gradually slid my cock down her slit and kept going this time to her asshole. I paused for a moment right on her bottom hole. I pushed my cock up and down her ass crack and stopped again on her puckered little asshole. Then I rubbed the head of my cock around her anal hole. "How about in here," I urged. "Yes, please. Put it in any hole, she answered. "No, maybe not," I said and returned to her juicy slit again smearing my cock up and down her soaked pussy.
oooooooh!!, baby!!! please put it in!!!!! pleeeeeeease........!!!! pleeeeeease fuck me!!! Barbara was almost in tears as she quietly cried her plea.
"Don't do this to me, baby!!" "Please put your cock in me!!"
I pushed the head of my cock just in Barbara's cunt and stopped.
"That's it! That's it!, she cried out.
I pulled out and layed my cock across her clit. I thought she would break down and cry as my cock left her hot wet hole. " Put it back in, please! Baby, Please"
I slipped my shaft back in and gave her about two inches this time. "All the way, baby. "All the way," she kept pleading.
I pulled out again. I looked into Barbara's eyes. She was on the verge of tears. She was reaching for my cock, trying to shove me back in her dripping wet cunt. Again, I gave her two inches. " Please, baby." "Please, baby." I started pushing slowly. 3 inches, 4 inches. Barbara let out a deep low moan,
"ooooooooooooooooh" "oooooooooooooooooooooooooh" "deeeeeper" "give me moooore"
5 inches,6,7 inches, 8,9 inches. I was in all the way. As soon as I had her fuckhole stuffed full of my hard cock, Barbara's cunt tightened around it as she went into an incredible orgasmic state. Barbara grabbed hold of my waist pulling me trying for deeper penetration. Her body literally shook as her orgasm rocked through her body. For almost a full minute I could feel waves of pleasure shaking her as she continually cried out, "I'm cuuuuming, I'm cuumming. ooooooh!!, baby"
Finally her orgasm subsided as she began to relax. I didn't cum yet so I started pumping her in and out. Her cunt was soaked with her fresh juices. My cock felt like an iron rod pistoning in and out of her hot box. Again, Barbara tightened up as another orgasm started.
"Oh! Fuck!!, Baby" "Oooooooooh!! Fuck me, Fuck me." "I'm cumming again"
In her delirious state I whispered my request. "Can I cum in your mouth?" "Oh! Yessss, Yessss, cum in my mouth," she begged. " I want to taste it." I yanked out of the tight grip of Barbara's cunt and jerked myself at her face.
"I'm cumming," I said to her. A tremendous stream of cum hit her in the face splattering all over her. Barbara quickly opened her mouth to catch three more strong thick wads of my cum. I could see the white sticky jism all over her tongue and inside her mouth. Barbara closed her mouth and swallowed. While she tasted my sperm I continue to flood her face with my thick hot cum. With only a few drops of sperm dripping off the end of my cock, Barbara licked her lips. I slid my cock in her mouth for her to suck any remaining cum out of me and in the process she licked my shaft clean. Her face was covered with my white sticky spunk and Barbara made no immediate attempt to clean it off. She took a deep breath saying, " That was so good." " Why did you make me beg like that?, you fuckin' tease." I scraped the cum off her face with my fingers and fed it to her until I had her face cleaned up. She ate every drop lingering to enjoy each mouthful.
We finally got up and dressed. I turned my video camera off telling Barbara to stop by tomorrow to watch it with me. "I can't wait to see it," she said. "Maybe we can do another?"
"Well, I have something else in mind." I said. "I'll fill you in on it tomorrow."