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The Coach's Wife CH. 03
Disclaimer: The Coach's Wife is a work of fiction. All characters are at least 18 years of age and any resemblance to individuals, either living or dead, is purely coincidental. If you are offended by stories containing sexual content please do not continue.


Chapter 3 – A Game to Remember

“Hey batter, batter, batter...hey batter, batter, batter...swing!”

The chant went up, not only around the diamond, but in the stands as well, as a chorus of anxious parents and Rocket supporters voiced their loyalty. The first official game of the summer season was going in their favor, yet Bruce worried, as he always did, that the win was not in the bag. From one end of the dugout to the other, he paced, shouting directives and encouragement to his players.

Brent Winslow, a curveball-throwing marvel, stood at the mound, his shaggy hair billowing from beneath the rim of his cap. At his rear, a crew of faithful Rocket players had his back...and he knew it. They were all friends, both on and off the field, and they understood the value of trust and teamwork that was necessary to take a state title.

Eyeing the batter, he had at an even count of two ball and two strikes, Brent shook off the catcher’s first signal of a fastball and accepted the next, his specialty, the curveball. A subtle grin slowly replaced the stern look of concentration that had begun his stretch, and he cast a quick look at the Ranger player taking a conservative lead at first base. For an instant, he thought about checking the runner with a quick throw, but mentally declined, given the runner’s speed and the catcher’s blistering ability to throw to second base. Bringing the mitt to his face, as Brent always did, the pitcher finally kicked his left leg forward to complete his windup. In the same well-rehearsed motion, Brent whipped his right arm well behind his back and then launched the ball over his head and down the 60 feet to the catcher’s glove.

The ball spun clockwise on its axis and appeared headed for the batter’s left shoulder. Suddenly the Ranger’s coach began to shout, “Curveball! Curveball!” Yet, it was to no avail, as the batter flinched and backed away from the pitch at the very moment the ball’s threads magically gripped the air and spun it perfectly over the plate and into the catcher’s oversized glove.

“Strike...that’s three...you’re outta there!” the umpire shouted, bringing 50% of the fans to their feet.

Ella Albright was among the supporters that indulged in the celebration. “Good job, Brent, just a couple more. You got ‘em. Keep it up!”

Her breasts wobbled beneath a thin, lightweight sweater each time she brought her hands together to applaud her team. It was a rather innocuous event, which largely went unnoticed, except for the prying eyes of the Rocket’s shortstop. He had kept his eyes on the coach’s wife for a good part of the game and was enjoying the action he knew was playing out beneath her top. Keeping his mind on the game had proven to be more of a chore than he had imagined. The woman, who insisted he call her ‘mom’, had awakened something in the young man that could not be put to rest. On two separate occasions, Ella had been the aggressor and drained Devon’s thick cock after some lusty play. It had now been five days since the last ‘unloading’ and his balls were feeling the effects.

“D...D...that makes one down,” came a quick reminder from Devon’s right, as Jeff hollered at him. The gesture was gladly received and brought D back to the game.

“Yeah...yeah. Okay guys, one down...just need two more.” The shortstop shouted the same reminder to the rest of his team holding up a single finger to confirm the correct number of outs. “If it’s on the ground take two...second and first,” he affirmed in the next directive. “We got this...we got this.”

The Rangers had always been an easy win for the Rockets, but no game was ever a given. Today, with a one run lead, Bruce Albright was looking to secure their first win of the season. It would foster unity right out of the gates, and Albright knew nothing propels a team to success like a couple of solid wins to build morale and bolster team spirit. As a coach, Albright was second to none. He loved his players and sacrificed more hours than he should have, often leaving his little spitfire of a wife to her own devices. A problem that had played well for the coach’s shortstop.

“Jeff, hug the line. This guy hits to the left...watch him...watch him,” Bruce yelled from the dugout. “Devon, shift left a couple of feet. That’s it...perfect.”

All eyes were now on #13 of the Rangers, a smartass name Sherill Anderson, who knew he could hit and didn’t hold back letting everyone know. As he approached the batter’s box, he kicked clay from his metal cleats and spat on the ground. “What you got for me, Brent?” the batter teased. “Give me one of those juicy curveballs.”

Brent ignored the taunt, turning to give a thumbs up to each of the infielders. “This guys toast,” he predicted. “Let’s get both of these guys,” he said, nodding to the runner still standing on first base. With that being said, the pitcher turned his attention to the obnoxious batter.

Again, Brent waved off the first signal...and the second...opting for a fastball. Going through his windup routine with a player on base, Brent brought the first hard fastball in high and tight, pushing the batter off his anchor and spinning him to the ground. A collective groan went up from the crowd, which was soon followed by applause when #13 got to his feet and indicated he had not been hit. Even Winslow was a bit surprised by the placement, hoping to catch the inside corner rather than brushing back the batter...but he did enjoy the player’s comical spill.

“Come on, Brent...keep ‘em over the plate,” Bruce shouted to his pitcher.

Brent responded with a tip of his head to the dugout to acknowledge he’d heard him. The second pitch was a lazy change-up that arced from mound to plate, leaving the batter laughing when it went in for a called ‘ball’.

“That all you got?” Came another taunting call from the batter’s box. “Tying run’s at first, Baby.”

Suddenly from down the third base line, and very much out of nowhere, Jeff began to sing in a rather unfiltered, high-pitched, falsetto voice, “Sherry, sherry baby, won’t you get called out tonight.” Immediately, the other players around the field joined in, drawing both cheers and muttered complaints from the crowd. “Come on, Sherry. Give it to me,” Jeff continued, pounding his fist into his timeworn leather glove.

Sherill scowled and gripped his bat intensely, choking up an inch, before stepping back into the box at home plate. The next pitch whistled past him, crossing the plate on the inside corner. “Strike one!” bellowed the ump.

The chant of hey batter batter began anew, as Brent rocked back and delivered another fastball on the outside corner. This time #13 was prepared, leveraging his weight and skill to bring the aluminum bat into alignment with the baseball. However, his timing was a bit slow and the meat of the bat missed its mark, causing the ball to connect near the bat’s tip. The resultant ‘hit’ sputtered haphazardly toward the Rocket’s second baseman.

Suddenly, all the working parts of a well-trained infield were set into motion. Devon bolted toward the second base bag, his feet a blur beneath him, as the first baseman did the same to prepare for a quick throw. As for the other team, the Rangers’ base runner sprinted toward second while #13 bounded for first base. The crowd was alive with excitement, but above it all the screaming voice of Jeff Albright could be heard, “Get two, get two!”

In the few seconds it took the infielder to snare the grounder, a cataclysmic event had already been set into motion. The second baseman spun on his heels and rifled the ball to Devon, who was straddling the bag at second. The throw was perfectly aimed at the letters across the boy’s chest. Devon had executed the play hundreds times in practices and team play, but something about this one felt oddly different, even dangerous. In the midst of executing the double play, it swiftly became obvious what was wrong.

It was the base runner charging towards him. The boy’s legs appeared to be flailing out of control, just before he dropped into a clumsy, ill-timed slide. With one leg stretched out before him and the other bent, but angled much too high, the two young men collided at second base. As they did, Devon tried to get a throw off to first, but the placement was unsure. Instantly, pain replaced excitement, as the sliding player’s cleats clipped Devon’s ankle and lacerated his inner thigh and groin.

Silence gripped the ball diamond as both players struggled to untangle themselves. An agitated umpire stood over them, his thumb raised to indicate Devon had gotten the out at second. It wasn’t until he noticed a growing red spot on the shortstop’s uniform that he called a quick timeout and motioned for the coaches to join him on the diamond. “Help...we need first aid here...quickly!”

Bruce was the first to arrive, followed by the Rangers’ coach. “What the hell kind of slide was that?” Bruce shouted, very much in the other man’s face.

The coach at the receiving end of the tongue-lashing had little he could say, other than ‘sorry’. The slide had been dangerous, but whether or not it had been intentional was the bigger question. Bruce sidestepped the coach when the umpire took charge and began grilling both runner and his coach.

On the ground, Jeff cradled his best friend’s head while the assistant coach, Reed Winslow, tried to assess the injury. “It’s bad, Bruce...real bad. We’ve got to get him to a hospital. He’s bleeding pretty good.”

“Get some pressure on it and...and...” Coach Albright began, before he turned to face the stands and wave to Ella. “Ella, Ella...get down here.”

In no time, Mrs. Albright was on her knees talking with Devon, offering words of comfort. “Probably just a scratch,” she suggested, knowing the comment must have appeared ridiculous, given the amount of blood that continued to spread over the boy’s uniform.

“Yeah, I just need s few minutes to get my head together,” Devon suggested. “Did we get the guy at first? Is the game over?”

“Nice try, D...but I’m afraid your throw ended up in the dugout,” Jeff confirmed. “We’ll get them though. My mom and dad will get you some help. Don’t you worry.”

“Ella, come on. I’ll carry him to the car, and you get him to the hospital. I’ll send Reed with you,” Bruce ordered, picking Devon up and whisking him to the parking lot. Minutes later, the ballgame resumed and D found himself in an emergency room with his uniform in tatters and his balls, penis and thigh exposed to a doctor and attending nurse.


“Mrs. Albright...correct?” the nurse on call queried.

“Yes, that’s right,” Ella replied.

“I understand you’re Devon’s guardian for the summer. Have you spoken to his mother?”

“I’ve just gotten off the phone with her and I’ll call her again once we’re home and I’ve got an idea of what his recovery will be like. She said she’ll come immediately if you feel it’s necessary.”

“Oh, I don’t think that’s the case. We’ve got him sedated,” a nurse said, directing Ella to where Devon was lightly snoring. “We really didn’t need to knock him out but he was so nervous about us ‘checking out his equipment’ that we finally opted to put him under. He should start to perk up any minute now.”

“How bad is it? There seemed to be an awful lot of blood.”

“We’ve seen worse...and he’ll be sore for a few weeks, but barring any unusual complications he should be playing baseball in no time. I don’t think his mom needs to come unless she’s worried and wants to dispel her concerns.”

“Great. I’m sure she’ll be glad to hear that.”

“Perfect...okay, let me fill you in...” The nurse that spoke was in her mid to late twenties; slim, blonde, and cute...but not a stunner. She had helped the doctor stitch up the young ballplayer and had been left with instructions to update the boy’s guardian. “The cleat at the heel of the other boy’s shoe really did some damage to Devon’s thigh,” she began, pointing to a large bandage that extended from just above D’s knee to his right hip. “There are two lengthy abrasions and lacerations that took a dozen stitches each to repair.”

“That many?” Ella asked, somewhat taken aback by the news.

“Yes, I’m afraid so...but the doctor is very good so Devon will hardly have any scars. The bandage is also bigger than it needs to be. This isn’t all damaged,” she confirmed, pointing out the actual dimensions of the lesions without removing the bandage. “So, that’s it for the lacerations. Now, there are some punctures we need to discuss.”

https://cipres.fogbugz.com/default.asp?pg=pgPublicView&sTicket=463437_jm2if1ar “Punctures? You’ve got to be kidding?”

The nurse smiled and shook her head, confirming there was more to come. “Yep...he’s got three perfectly stamped puncture wounds where the cleats came to rest, near his groin, on the upper thigh. They’re about half an inch deep...and we had to give those each a couple of stitches, as well.”

“Poor D,” Mrs. Albright moaned. “Will there be much pain?”

“I’m afraid so...at least for the first few days but he’s young and will heal quickly. Okay, let’s move to his penis and testicles.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me...there’s more?” By now, Ella thought there must be a hidden camera and the hospital staff was filming for an edition of Candid Camera.

Again, the nurse patiently smiled, this time patting Ella on the shoulder. “This part isn’t near as bad but could lead to complications...so...I’ll run through it slowly for you.”

“Thank you,” Ella responded demurely.

“No problem. Ask questions as you have them and don’t be shy. I’ve got brothers and I know how they feel about their penises.”

The comment brought a refreshed smile to Ella’s face and helped her relax. “Fine...fill me in.”

“Okay then...we’ve covered the cleat at the heel, which did most of the damage, but the metal at the front of the shoe also marked him up some.” As she spoke, the nurse lifted the hem of a hospital gown that was covering D’s groin, and invited Mrs. Albright to step forward for a better view. The shaft of his penis was covered in several layers of gauze but his balls hung freely. Yet, there was something odd about them as well.

“Stitches there, too?” Ella asked, her voice rising.

“Thankfully, no. He does have a few scratches and scrapes that pretty much run the length of his...ah...ah...penis or shaft, I should say. The glans has been spared and there’s no concern there. However, if he wasn’t circumcised before...he is now.” Suddenly, an awkward pause lingered for longer than it should have, and then the nurse continued, “Just kidding.” The joke did exactly what the blonde had hoped, lightening the mood and relieving some of Ella’s angst.

A subdued laugh spilled from the Albright woman’s lips as she considered the funny assessment of the situation. Yet, she found her gaze roaming over D’s cock, and her thoughts meandering to an explicit image of the shaft thickening and the head blossoming, as she’d seen before. “I’m sorry, could you repeat that again?” she found herself asking. “The part after the circumcision.”

“Yes, of course. The doctor has written an Rx for some antibiotic cream to be used three times daily on all of the lesions, both those with and without sutures. It should be applied liberally...and don’t worry about running out. The doctor has authorized a couple of refills, which I’m sure you’ll need. As well, there’s an oral antibiotic and some pain killers. Just follow the directions on the bottles.”

“Right...right on his shaft, as you’ve indicated?”

“Yes, and the stitched areas too. Keep the areas clean. We’ve shaved some but watch for ingrown hairs...and...and...oh, yes, he can have quick showers, but just in and out. We’ll need you and Devon to watch for any signs of redness, especially along the stitched lacerations. That may indicate infection setting in and we’ll need to be notified right away. This is particularly true of the punctures. They are shorter but much deeper, so keep and eye out.”

“Certainly...will do. Does that about cover it?”

“Nope...I’ve saved the best for last,” the nurse uttered sarcastically. “This may cause some uneasiness, but it’s critical.”

“More than we’ve already discussed?” Ella asked, a very sheer bead of perspiration forming on her upper lip.

“Remember...I mentioned his testicles, or rather, his testicle. The left one is fine.”

“And the right one is somehow damaged?”

Drawing Ella’s attention back to the boy’s groin, she gently took D’s right testicle between her thumb and three fingers and lifted it slightly. The action caused the shortstop to groan weakly and shift his weight ever so slightly. “Do you see the discoloration here and here?” she asked, pointing at the youth’s stretched scrotum and underlying ball. Ella nodded a hesitant confirmation. “That’s bruising and we just can’t be sure how much damage has been done. One thing is for sure...he’s lucky it wasn’t ruptured. If it were, we’d be removing it this afternoon instead of sending him home under your care.”

“Gracious...” Ella exclaimed. “That is fortunate. Is there any way to assess...I mean, how can we know if there will be any permanent issues?”

“I was just getting to that,” the nurse said, somewhat apprehensively. “You see... You’ll have to... Well, one of you will need to... I guess he could just do it, but...”

Ella finally reached out and took the nurse by the arm and shook her slightly. “We’ll have to do what?”

“Ejaculate,” she finally was able to spit out. “You’ll have to inspect his ejaculate...his semen...for traces of blood or any other unusual discharges.”

“Is that all?” Ella said, rather nonchalantly and without thinking. Did I just say that, she thought, wondering if she’d said it out loud or not. To cover her outburst, she continued with, “Is that all the instructions you have for me?”

“Almost, and I appreciate your patience through all this medical mumbo jumbo, but there are a few more things.”

“Mmm hmm,” Ella hummed.

“The ejaculate should be inspected every day or two. I’ll leave that for you to discuss with Devon. I’m sure he knows how to...ah...to ah...”

“I’m sure he does,” Ella confirmed, letting the nurse off the hook. “And?”

“Lotion. Lots and lots of lotion. Not so much on the sutures, use the antibiotic there, but on the scratches – have him use some good lotion to keep them from scabbing and scarring.”

I’m sure I can help with that – lots of lotion on that thick shaft, Ella imagined, before finally concluding with, “Okay, lots of lotion – got it.”

As the conversation came to a close, the nurse covered D up and he stirred, uttering a slurred, “Mom, I’ve gotta pee.”


A full thirty six hours had passed between Ella arriving home with her ‘patient’ and the boy showing any signs of life. Bruce and Jeff had nervously waited in the hospital’s reception area to assist with the transfer home, but had seen little of Devon since. Ella had kept him sequestered and full of the required medications. He’d roused a couple of times, quite foggy, but lucid enough to get to the bathroom, take his medications, and down some juice.

As an amateur nurse, Ella was fulfilling her duties with meticulous care. She diligently sponged, cleaned and doctored the stitched lesions a few times a day, applying new dressing each time. The puncture wounds were already showing signs of healing but the larger lacerations would take many more days of attention. The boy’s bruised scrotal area had given Ella pause, as she noted the purple hue intensifying around the right side. She paid it little attention, only cleaning it lightly, as it seemed to cause discomfort for the sleeping lad. However, the boy’s shaft was getting the brunt of her attention. Several times now, she’d removed the dressing, washed the thick shaft, and tried to apply the antibiotic. Spreading the ointment proved more difficult than Ella had supposed it might; the flaccid member rolling under her touch rather than accepting the cream evenly. So Ella did what she felt she had to. Whenever she was home alone, Mrs. Albright would swirl her tongue over Devon’s meaty cock-head to expand and fill the shaft. “Much better,” she’d whispered each time, as the ointment easily slid over the abraded skin. The task had been a moderate distraction and one she dared not take to completion...at least, not yet.

Yes, Ella was a good mother, with all the right instincts. She knew caring for D’s tragic injuries would supersede her lustful needs...but did they have to? After all, the nurse had instructed her to inspect a sample of semen as soon as possible. It’s a mother’s duty, she ultimately convinced herself and planned for that very thing.

On the morning of the third day, with Bruce at work and Jeff at the lake, Ella set a simple plan into motion. Devon had slept well through the night; Ella had seen to that. She wanted her patient alert and attentive for the morning’s activities.

“D, you up?” she called, from just outside his door. Without waiting for a reply, she entered and plopped down next to him on the bed. “Time we got you out of this bed and cleaned up properly.”

“Is it early? It seems early,” he muttered, his tongue feeling thick and cumbersome.

“Not really. Bruce has already left for work and Jeff was up and out of here early. He and Brent went with some of the other players to the lake. I suspect they’ll be gone until dinner.”

“Hey...Mom, did we...did we win the game the other night?”

This was a question that both she and Jeff had already answered a number of times, but she patiently answered it again.

“Yes, don’t you remember me telling you before? Anyway, no matter. Yes, you won. That smug #13 tried to steal second on Brent, and got himself into a hot box – Jeff ran him down and tagged him out.”

“Awesome,” was the exact same reply Devon had given at the conclusion of the story each and every time. “I wish I could have been there for that.”

“Me too,” agreed Ella. “You up for a shower?”

“Really...can I?” D asked, with a renewed level of enthusiasm. “I’m getting to the point I can’t stand myself.”

“Well, the nurse said it would be okay...as long as it’s quick and you don’t scrub the stitched areas.”

“Great...I can do that.”

“You’re not feeling too wobbly? I’d hate to see you fall and split your stitches.”

“No...I think I’m good. I’m still sore but it’s much better than yesterday...I think. Was that the last time we talked?”

Ella laughed and patted Devon on the shoulder. “Close, but not quite. I was in here last night. Don’t you remember,” she coyly asked, while placing her small hand gingerly on his lap. “Yeah, last night about 3:00 am. You were kinda out of it, but I needed to change your dressings...and take care of the scratches on this fella,” she concluded, giving his slowly responding prick a loving tap.

Ella thought back to the hours before when she’d cleaned and covered his thigh and tenderly lathered his cock with a thin layer of medicated ointment, followed by a liberal dollop of lotion. She’d massaged the slick liquid ever so carefully up and down the boy’s penis, thrilling at the way it made it glisten in the moonlight. Over and over again, she’d let her hands trail up and then back down to the root of D’s impressively thick, injured organ. Yet, she was so...so...cautious, giving less pressure to the length of his cock that was scratched but bearing down near the base and head.

She’d done it for what seemed like hours, but in fact was only a few minutes, as the motion soon brought Devon to the brink of waking...and cumming. More than once she’d held off, letting go of the stiff rod long enough for D’s heart to slow and her eagerness to wane. Still, in those brief moments, she couldn’t resist dipping her head to lick the pre-cum from the boy’s mushroom-like cap. She’d looked at it carefully, doing her medical due diligence, before lashing Devon’s slit with her tongue to taste and then swallow his warmth.

“It’s perfect,” she’d whispered at a mouse’s volume, pleased to see that there was no unusual taste, smell or discharge coming from D’s rigid cock. The find had nearly made her swoon in anticipation of what a full load might look like rocketing from his meaty shaft. Not much longer, she’d thought, while giving the base a final, lingering squeeze and the head a thorough tongue swabbing. Thankfully, D had not awoken, blown his load, or fucked his nurse...which was something Ella had considered, only momentarily, before trying to put it completely out of her mind.

This boy’s like a son to me. How can I violate that trust? How can I let him slip that perfectly shaped cock into the depths of my... My heavens, Ella, you’re married. A handjob or blowjob is one thing, and perfectly harmless, but fucking him. Well, that just won’t do. The inner turmoil was settled...or was it? The debate seemed anything but over.

Returning to the task at hand, Ella instructed Devon to make his way to the bathroom, take care of his business and then she’d be in to help. “Sit on the edge of the tub and I’ll help you get into the shower.”

“I’ll be fine. I’m pretty sure I...”

The coach’s wife wasn’t going to hear it. “Nope...not on your life, young man. Just do as you’re told.”

“Okay...okay...if you say so.”

Damian’s anemic protest did little to hide the excitement he was feeling. Of course he wanted her help in the shower. He’d hoped for nothing less, given how hard his cock had been all night. His dreams were fitful but arousing, as he conjured big tits and little hands working his erect phallus most of the night. Even with the abrasions and sore nut, he was in desperate need of release.

“Just holler when you’re ready.”

“Gotcha,” he replied, trying desperately to hide his eagerness.

“And strip down if you can...or I can help once you call.”

The mere suggestion made his cock swell, and he shifted to hide his building passion. Was she really willing to help him again? The two previous encounters were the highlight of his young life and he couldn’t imagine anything topping what she’d already done. Maybe she’ll let me see one? Or even touch one, he imagined, further giving rise to his troubled prick.

“Off you go...I’ll be in shortly.”

As Devon headed to the bathroom, Ella made a detour to her bedroom, where a lingerie drawer was calling her name. She’d woken early, thinking of what she might wear to provoke her patient. The choice was easy; something that always drove Bruce wild. She could only imagine the impact it might have on someone as young and excitable as Devon. Pulling a red and black quarter-cup bra and matching crotchless panty from her stash, Ella quickly changed and completed the ensemble with an oversized white, silk blouse that hung to her knees. The outfit instantly moistened her pussy and thickened her clit. “I’m such a whore,” she mocked, catching her image in the mirror just as she heard her charge call out.

“Coming,” she replied, her lips curling into a seductive twist.

Before she opened the bathroom door, she ran her palms over both breasts, bringing her huge brown nipples to attention beneath the silky shirt. The resultant presentation was mind...no boner blowing, as the minimal bra held her bare-nippled tits like they were on pedestals. That should do it.

Ella slowly turned the doorknob and pushed the door open enough to pop her head into the room. She was surprised to see Devon sitting on the tub’s edge, his robe wrapped around him and hands in his lap.

“You must need some help?” she asked, angling the door completely open and acting very much like a professional nurse – even though her attire screamed ‘hussy’. “Well, you can’t very well shower with that on,” she began, pointing to his robe. “Too hard to get off with your sore leg?”

“Not really...just...just got a...a...a...” Devon stammered, while drawing attention to his crotch.

For the time being, Ella played dumb and began pulling at the robe, knowing there would be nothing beneath the garment...except for what she lustfully craved. She knew D’s cock was stiff, but could only imagine how turgid it must be now that he’d gotten a good look at her erect nipples boring into her blouse.

“Come on...get your hands out of your lap so I can get this robe off.”

Feigning a childish reluctance, Devon let his hands slide from his lap to grasp either side of the robe’s opening...and then, like a stripper flaunting his prize, Devon whipped the robe open and revealed his throbbing, fully bloated cock. It weaved from side to side with nothing to support it but hot, pulsing blood. He’d imagined this moment for the past few minutes and the look on his nurse’s face did not disappoint.

“My goodness, D. What’s brought that on?” she asked, knowing full well what had caused the boy’s erection.

“You,” he replied.

“Me? Well, you’re obviously feeling better...but we’ve got work to do before we can play.” As she spoke, she finished removing his single piece of clothing and carefully peeled the bandage from his thigh. “Looking better every time I see it.”

“My cock or the stitches?” Devon joked, somewhat alarmed he had dared to be so bold.

“You are feeling your oats this morning – aren’t you – and the answer is both,” Ella responded.

“I look a bit like a patchwork doll, don’t I?”

“Yeah, a bit. We’ll see what we can do about that after you’ve showered. Come on, now. Stand up and we’ll adjust the water.”

D did as he was told and carefully stood, his heavy cock bouncing and striking Ella’s leg in the process. “Sorry,” he said, as he pivoted to step into the tub.

“Don’t be silly. It’s fine. I’ll get the water going and then you can wet yourself down...but try to avoid direct spray on your thigh...okay?”

“Right...I’ll just need to close the shower curtain,” the boy warned, reaching to drag the plastic barrier across a metal rod that suspended the curtain.

“Don’t bother...I’ll need to keep my eye on you in case you start to fall. We can clean up any water after we’re done.”

With the water modified to a comfortable temperature, Devon stepped under the spray, first covering his front and then turning to drench his back and hair. Ella held a bar of soap under the spray and lathered it between her palms before handing it to D. “Step from under the water for a sec and wash yourself, and then we’ll rinse you off.”

Again, D did as he was told, rubbing the soap over his body, face and hair, but when he leaned to wash his thigh and groin, Ella reached out and stopped him. “I’ll help with that. We need to be extra careful there,” she instructed.

“Okay, Mom.”

Finally, with the suds rinsed down the drain and the shower’s pulse beating against his back, D was ready for Ella to offer some extra assistance. She was ready. The act of Devon showering had covered her blouse with dozens of wet, nearly-see-through spots. Some of which exposed her dark, rubbery nipples. The view had not gone unappreciated by D, whose penis was thickening once again.

Kneeling at the tub’s edge, Ella bent over and gently ran her soapy palm over D’s thigh. Her hands moved slowly...carefully over the stitches for only a few seconds before she applied some leverage to turn him around and rinse off the area. “That’s got it...good,” she hummed, turning his back once again to the spray. Water had now saturated her silk shirt, leaving nothing to the boy’s imagination. The transparent material clung to her like cellophane, and as the water cooled it stiffened her nipples, as if she’d just walked down the freezer aisle at Safeway.

“Okay, Son, how are these doing?” she asked, soaping up her hands once again to cradle his bruised balls.

“Ooooo...still pretty tender,” he replied, reflexively jerking his hips back, as her tiny hands made contact.

“Too sore?” she asked, pulling her hands from his sac. She looked up at him, her elbows resting on the tubs rim and her doe-brown eyes seeking confirmation.

“No...no...I don’t think so,” D acknowledged, dropping his gaze to take in his beautiful nurse and her huge tits. The verbal ‘go ahead’ was really enough, but it was the sudden twitch of Devon’s thick rod that gave her permission.

“How’s this? Too much pressure?” she whispered, taking his balls in both hands to gentle clean and massage them.

“That’s...that’s good...fine...feels...feels...” His voice trailed off, as his entire being was suddenly wrapped up in two perfectly petite hands.

“Glad to hear it,” Ella cooed. She hefted each ball separately and then with them together, completely filling her little palm to overflowing. Over and over again, she bathed them, keeping the soap rich with lather. “They feel really full,” Nurse Albright quietly assessed, more to herself than D. The thought, of which, renewed a warm trickle of lubricant to her mature, recently shaved cunt.

“You doing okay?” she asked, his legs teetering a bit.

“Oh...yeah...just...just feels so good. You know...kinda hurts but the good...for sure...is outweighing the bad.”

“I can see that,” Ella responded, noting how marble like his prick had become. “Do you think you can cum?” The question slipped from her lips much sooner than she wanted. There were still minutes, and maybe even hours, before she wanted to see his cock erupt...but she needed to know...was he up to it.

“Oh...absolutely. I’m dying...I’m dying for you to get me off.”

“I thought so...but not yet...not yet.”

“What...not yet?” he replied, only slightly disappointed.

Moving her eyes from D’s balls to his face and back again, she gave them a final, quick frothing, before moving her full attention to the swaying bat at her fingertips. She examined the shaft, where the abrasions were still somewhat red and raw. “How about here?” she asked, trailing a single, soap-covered finger along each shallow lesion.

“No problem...not really sore at all.”

“Is that you talking or your penis?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

“You choose...I can’t even think,” the boy grunted.

No further discussion was needed, at least not for a few minutes. It was time to thoroughly clean and treat her patient’s broad shaft. Leaning back, she filled her hands with fresh suds and returned to Devon’s equipment. Ella began at a slow, crawling pace; slipping a single fist up and down the stretched organ. She loved the way the head popped within her tight grasp each time she reached the thick-rimmed crown. Ella’s focus was intense. So much so that she imagined hearing the young man’s heart beating with the throbbing of his anguished cock.

Dozens, if not hundreds, of strokes brought Devon to the brink of climax, only to have Ella stop and stare at the object’s foamy girth. “Don’t cum...don’t cum,” she begged.

“But, I thought that’s...”

“Not yet...not ready,” she continued to plead, hoping to make the moment last long enough for her to reach her own orgasm. Can’t screw...can’t take it inside me.

Devon swayed, his legs giving way to his injuries and the curative onslaught being waged by his caregiver. “Need to sit...I think I...think I need to sit,” he sputtered.

“Of course...yes...Devon...rinse off and sit here on the edge,” Ella encouraged, while removing her hands to place a towel along the porcelain rim. “Is that better?” she asked, taking in the view of his forearm-sized shaft and heavy balls dangling low between his legs. For a few minutes she ran a threadbare towel over the boy’s frame, taking special precautions around his sutured thigh.

“Is that okay? Is it painful?” she asked sincerely.

“No...it’s nice to feel clean,” D confirmed.

The break worked well for both Ella and Devon. It brought him back from the brink of ejaculating into the tub and it rescued her from fucking the young man.

“So,” she began, “you ready for a bit more...ah...play?” she asked, her voice suddenly quite husky and low.

“Please...please...” he groaned.

When Ella’s hands returned to the boy’s cock, the shaft had lost a fraction of its prior rigidity, but it didn’t take long to recover. Yet, when it did, Ella was blessed with a river of clear, glistening pre-cum. It leaked freely at first, defying gravity, until Ella resumed her ministrations and the slick liquid coated D’s cock and the excess dripped to the floor.

The coach’s wife sat on the floor facing D’s cock at eye level. Alternately, she worked lotion from a nearby container onto his balls and shaft, being careful not to disturb his injured leg. However, she avoided his billowing glans, not wanting to alter the taste of his succulent pre-cum.

“Shall I suck it, D?” she asked, anxious to hear a solid ‘yes’.

“I don’t know if you dare,” he gushed. “There’s going to be so...so much. I’ve not cum for days...a week...”

“I thought as much...the more the better,” Ella growled. “The blondie from the hospital will be glad to hear I’ve helped you.”

“Oh...ooooo...slow down...nurse from the hospital?” he questioned.

“Yeah, they stressed how good it would be for you to climax. You know...to make sure your unit is still working.”

With that said, Ella leaned forward and took Devon’s cock-head into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the crest before lapping at the boy’s slit. A large gob of sweet pre-cum coated her tongue and easily slid down her throat. Another equally large portion followed the first, helped along its way by Ella jacking D’s shaft with increased vigor.

“Mrs. Albright, can I...” D began, but was halted as Ella stopped her sucking long enough to flash the boy an evil eye. “I mean, Mom.” The correction helped Ella redouble her cock sucking efforts, pushing Devon to the edge. “Hold on...hold on,” he pleaded. “Can I...Mom, can I touch your tits? Can I see them?”

Releasing the purple head from her mouth, Ella enthusiastically replied, “Well, you dear boy, I thought you’d never ask.”

She stood and seductively unbuttoned each of the seven clasps down the front of her soaked, silk blouse. As she did, more and more cleavage was exposed to the young man’s greedy eyes. His hand found its way to his cock and continued what Ella had started. He held his breath, fearful he might be dreaming and to breathe would suddenly awaken him. When the blouse was finally tossed into the tub, Devon inhaled deeply and stared, his jaw slack and mind reeling.

Her breasts, now free and lifted by the token bra, were even more magnificent than he had imagined. They were full and beautifully white; framed by tan lines that created an optical illusion that made them appear even bigger than they truly were. The nipples were upturned, dark, and beyond de***********ion. They matched the photo he’d seen of her licking one of them in the dilapidated Polaroid photograph. Still, he found himself unable to mentally describe them. They were perfect in every way and he wanted them.

“D, stop staring and start sucking,” Ella invited, using one hand to wrap around the teens neck to draw his mouth to her sensitive right nipple. With the other she shewed away his hand from his prick and replaced it with her own. Seated as Devon was, his mouth was the perfect height to engage Ella’s wanton request. He’d seen, felt and even lightly kissed a girl’s breast, but they were a fraction of the size and far less intoxicating.

Mrs. Albright’s were inspiring, and the boy soon found himself lost in her cleavage; sucking one nipple before leaving a wet saliva trail across her heaving mounds to suck the other. As he did, he felt the momentum of her tiny fist accelerating up and down his pillared cock. The dam was about to burst and he knew she wanted it.

“Devon...D, I need you...I need you...” she moaned.

“Yeah, I’m ready. Where do you want me to shoot it?”

“No...no...finger me...put a couple of fingers in my pussy. Can you...can you do that?” she coaxed, her voice so throaty that Devon had difficulty understanding her.

“I...I don’t know how. What...what?”

The news, and thought, that her sweet young friend had never been treated to the warm, wet wonder of a woman’s cunt nearly made Ella climax. She fought back the urge, biting her lower lip as she pulled Devon’s head even harder against her bust.

“Here,” was all she said, taking D’s left hand to guide it between her legs. She spread her feet to give him easier access and to show there was no fabric blocking the entrance to her precious opening. Instinctively, Devon brought his right arm around her waist to hold her close and stabilize her, while she demonstrated how he could insert first one, and then multiple fingers into her inner sanctum.

Pleased with the work he was doing on her pussy, Ella returned to jacking the young man off. “Don’t forger my clit. Rub it, D. Yeah, rub the fuck out of that cunt,” she wailed.

The anguished cry was all it took for the first massive rope of cum to escape Devon’s straining cock. The volume and force surprised the mature woman, who was locked in her own turbulent throes of orgasm. D ground his palm against the hard nub that he suspected must be her clit and furiously rammed three fingers in and out of her slippery, convulsing cunt.

His tongue and teeth continued to work maniacally on her nipples; chewing and sucking at them with wild abandon, and for a moment he imagined the mess he must be making of the bathroom, but he paid it little attention. However, Ella was enthralled by the copious streaks of cum that were jettisoning from her patient’s cock. Each lofty explosion arced away from the couple to splatter on everything within a four foot radius. Every one of the weighty dollops triggered something between Ella’s legs and she too squirted, astonishing her as much as it did Devon.

“What’s happening?” Devon squealed.

“My...my...I’m squirting, D. I’m squirting...keep finger fucking...keep going...can’t stop...can’t stop cumming!”

Ella used her free hand to pull D’s mouth back to her bosom, forcing a rubbery nipple between his teeth.

“Mmmph...mmmph,” Devon groaned, his mouth so full he couldn’t speak. Yet, with each spasm of his erupting cock, he felt Ella’s pussy clutch his fingers to shoot even more white-hot lubricant over his hand and down his arm. The whole event was truly beyond anything the young man had ever thought possible. His senses were alive and he longed to to feel her spasm against him again, and again, and again.

By the time the two lovers were done getting each other off, and spraying cum liberally, they were spent. Semen and pussy juice were everywhere; their legs, hands, floor, robe, toilet, everywhere, including his sutured thigh.

“Your thigh!” Ella shrieked. “We’ve cum all over you. Get back in the shower and let’s try this again.”