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Hello im a 22 soon to be 23 year old guy looking to buy a used 2004 or 2005 honda accord lx for 8 to 9000 bucks...what could be the cheapest superior insurance carrier I could opt for and how much might i might must hand out????
"Its enraging once I notice my parents/ parents in-general inform their children"I'm needs to manage workshopsDental Insurance question?
Iam likely to be 16 and naturally Iam a lady. I would end up operating a ford taurus. But itis not resolved yet. I am planning to placed on being a second on my vehicle my moms dodge grand caravan and my men dodge dakota. Extra on all. Simply how much may my insurance likely price? Would it not be smarter to simply be a principal on my car and not actually on the car of someone else or would it not be smarter to only become a second on my automobile? Or a second on all? Thanks
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Ive had my license like me since christams seeking motor insurance and im 17 years of age simply how much could be the common car insurance to get a teenager and whats the best thing i can do thankyou
"If someone borrowed someone elseis auto plus they destroyed it"Was in an auto accident recently. One other driver was completly to blame. He gave insurance information to me"My friends car was being driven by me. Someone was hit by me. It had been my problem. I don't know what sort of insurance although my friend has insurance. Because she needed to use my pickup I was driving her car