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South Korean University Creates Minecraft Metaverse, And Holds Entrance Ceremony

Minecraft is an endlessly exciting game that is constantly being demonstrated in new and exciting ways. Presta live A lot of important in-person activities have been halted because of the chaos in the world. However, one college decided they'd go to the Minecraft metaverse to combat this.
Presta live

Reddit user posted a video showing a Minecraft-based entrance ceremony at Yeungnam University in South Korea. Yeungnam University's innovative approach allowed students to celebrate their first steps into the college experience by creating a virtual Minecraft space that reflects the campus they will be attending for the next few years.

The video highlights the celebration with students wearing unique Minecraft skins, staff speaking onstage, an auditorium full, engaged games for participants and explosive fireworks marking the day's special occasion.

Yeungnam University discuss the "metaverse university" and the outstanding students who created the project here. Yeungnam University Minecraft Server Club (YUMC) is responsible for this achievement. Although it was founded in February, the group already has over 300 members. The club brought together students from many different disciplines to create their own Minecraft campus.

Seo Seung-wan, president YUMC Seo Seung-wan, president of YUMC, expressed his regret for the lack of interaction and communication in school due to COVID-19 prolongation. "I started this club with the idea that it would be beneficial to create a student-led group to participate in interactive activities within the virtual space of Minecraft."

The members of YUMC collaborated to build an online model of their campus. They even included details that only students would notice including their favourite restaurants. They built all the important places on their campus, including the Central Library, the Chunma Art Center and the Student Hall, the Outdoor Auditorium and the International Exchange Center.

The Minecraft metaverse version of their campus has proved useful for Yeungnam University and has continuously been used for other important events, like meetings and military send-off ceremonies.

Lee Bo-gyeong, a student at Yeungnam University, stated that the new '21 freshmen admissions ceremony was held in the metaverse in March. "We wanted to have an admissions ceremony crafted by freshmen's seniors who could not have an official admissions ceremony due to COVID-19.